Give it an edge

We use the Worksharp Precision Adjust and Worksharp Knife & Tool MK2

From kitchen knives to barber scissors, hatchets to pocket knives.

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I've got a knife sharpener, why would I pay someone else to do it?

A lot of people think they've got a sharpener, when in fact they've got a honer.

These are great for keeping your knife sharp once it's got an edge, but can't bring knives back from the dead as we can.

How long does it take?

A set of kitchen knives can be turned around in a day, but it depends on our workload. We'll let you know roughly when they'll be ready after you've inquired.

How much does it cost?

See our price guide at the bottom of our contact section

Where are you based?

We're based in Red Lodge, Suffolk.

Drop-offs/collections can be arranged with an extra charge.



“My knives were dull, now they're sharp. Simple as that."

Dave - a real person

“I was going to buy new kitchen knives, but now my old ones are like new at a fraction of the price"

Jodie - also a very real person


The proof is in the cutting


Don't be dull

Fed up of hacking away at veg?

Got a hatchet that just doesn't hack it?

Pocket knife blunter than James?

Keep it sharp.



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Sharpen me up

Drop us a message with what you need sharpening and we'll get back to you with the next steps.


Facebook: Bear Claw UK

Whatsapp: 07722 757 892

Price guide (estimated): Kitchen knives set - £10 // Individual kitchen knives - £3 // EDC & Pocket - £5 // Chef's knives - £15 // Scissors - £5